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  • Government, non-profits, and organizations fund research with the ultimate goal of improving health and society. Yet measuring these long-term outcomes can be challenging, and research impact has traditionally been tied to quantitative productivity, like bibliometrics and grant funding, and not necessarily the broader impacts of research. For years, researchers lacked a cohesive framework to

  • Safety continues to be paramount as we respond to and deal with the current COVID-19 public health pandemic. NCATS, in concert with the CTSA Program Steering Committee and CLIC, has decided to once again convert the 2021 Spring CTSA Program Group Meetings to a virtual experience, as done in 2020.

    The Spring CTSA Program Group Meeting supports meetings of several Enterprise Committees (EC) and

  • Discussion Forums are similar to predecessor unstructured group formats, think Key Function Committees. They were established to allow self aggregating teams to gather for in-depth discussion of translational science topics.

  • Virtual Tour Part 2

    CTSA Program Groups were established to execute the recommendations of the NCATS Advisory Council Working Group on the IOM Report on the CTSA Program. The CTSA Program Groups are made up of Consortium Groups, Enterprise Committees, Working Groups and Discussion Forums.

  • Virtual Tour Part 2

    The different types of CTSA Program Groups have different objectives as well as different membership requirements. Each CTSA Program hub is allowed to have one voting representative on the Enterprise Committee. This member is appointed by the hub PI and is the primary point of contact for their hub for all matters relating to their specific Enterprise Committee.

  • CLIC Virtual Tour artwork - laptop with documents, video icons etc floating around it
    The CLIC Virtual Tour is designed to give everyone involved with the CTSA Program, regardless of in what capacity, an overview of what CLIC provides and how to make it work for you. Think: a virtual ‘walk-through’ of new website resources, ways to communicate and guidance on how to access. It will be a multipart series, including live question and answer sessions. Videos will be released on the
  • The Spring 2020 CTSA Program Group Meeting will now be online instead of in-person

    Safety is paramount as we respond to the current novel coronavirus public health emergency. Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, universities, companies, and the federal government have issued guidance related to travel and attendance at large gatherings. NIH also is urging that all large meetings and

  • The purpose of this document is to communicate the guidelines for the various CTSA Program Groups (Enterprise Committees, Consortium Committees, Working Groups and Discussion Forums) that were established to execute the recommendations of the NCATS Advisory Council Working Group on the IOM Report on the CTSA Program. CLIC has also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the CTSA Program Groups Guidance.
    Please note that this is a living document and is subject to change.

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