• Clinical and Translational Science

    The mission of translational science is to bring predictivity and efficiency to the development and dissemination of interventions that improve human health. Ten years ago this year, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences was founded to embody, conduct, and support this new discipline.

  • Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

    Introduction: In March 2020 academic medical center (AMC) pharmacies were compelled to implement practice changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes were described by survey data collected by the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program which were interpreted by a multi-institutional team of AMC pharmacists and physician investigators.

  • Has your school made an important contribution to helping women become leaders in their field? Maybe your department made noticeable strides recently in diversifying the gender and race or ethnicity of its workforce? What about your institution’s response to reversing the “backward slide” experienced by women in biomedicine because of COVID-19? Well, tell us about it! Your institution could
  • What does a scientist look like? Whose face comes to mind? Meet 10 young scientists from across the country pursuing careers in biomedical research! #FaceOfScience is diverse, fresh, bold, unique and unapologetic! Join us today on #NationalSTEMDay to celebrate diversity in STEM and re-envision #WhatAScientistLooksLike. What:The Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) is a network of institutions
  • Washington University

    Washington University in St. Louis is recruiting for the fall program of our NIH-funded Entrepreneurship for Biomedicine (E4B) training program. E4B is free and taught fully online through Washington University in St. Louis. As an E4B trainee, you will work with biomedical research trainees from across the nation to innovatively solve problems in these challenging times, and develop skills in

  • Columbia University Health Sciences
    The Columbia Lab-to-Market: Life Science Accelerator Program comprised of the Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRx), Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics (ACT), and the Biomedical Technology Accelerator (BiomedX). About the Course: This course is a series of evening sessions designed to provide specialized frameworks and essential tools to investigator teams (clinicians, engineers, scientists)