JCTS COVID-19 Special Edition Survey


The purpose of this survey is to solicit information on the creative innovations and adaptations made by the hubs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Summary

On October 5, 2020, on behalf of the CTSA sub-Steering Committee, CLIC distributed a Journal of Clinical and Translational Science (JCTS) Master Survey via REDCap to hub PIs and administrators. The purpose of the survey was to gather information regarding how hubs responded to the COVID-19 pandemic across eight subject matters N3C and Informatics, Biorepositories, Virtual Visits, IRB, Protecting Research Personnel, Prioritizing COVID-19 Studies, COVID-19 Adaptations to Pharmacy Procedures, Prioritizing non-COVID-19 Studies. Hub PIs were asked to complete the survey, one survey per hub, soliciting responses from others at their hub to gather expert-specific data. Key personnel were asked to complete the Word Document version of the survey, which was provided, and return it to the hub PI to complete the official online REDCap survey. Of the 65 hubs that received the survey, 60 responses were gathered for a response rate of 92.3%.

The writing groups analyzed the data and developed 14 manuscripts that are currently under review scientific peer review. Manuscripts will be featured in the JCTS COVID-19 Special Issue, to create a “playbook” to be able to respond quickly to similar experiences in the future.

Distributed Date

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Instrument Fields
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Hub Name


Please specify "Other" Hub.


Please indicate the period of time in which you began to experience COVID-19 related disruptions to your research operations.


Please specify "Other" period of time in which you began to experience COVID-19 related disruptions to your research operations.


Does your organization have a dedicated data warehouse for research?


What is the Common Data Model (CDM)?
Check all that apply.


Please specify "Other" Common Data Model.


What was the refresh frequency pre-COVID-19?


Please specify "Other" refresh frequency pre-COVID-19.


How did this frequency change during the pandemic?


Please describe the frequency change indicated above.


Please describe the resources for querying and analyzing the data.


Are your researchers able to do rapid cohort identification of COVID-19 patients?


Has your organization developed a COVID-19 Data Mart/Registry and/or dashboard?


Please select what the COVID-19 Data Mart/Registry and/or dashboard is used for.
Check all that apply.


Please specify "Other" uses for the COVID-19 Data Mart/Registry and/or dashboard.


Have you seen an increase in the utilization of other informatics resources, such as REDCap, data warehouse, CTMS, management systems, etc. due to COVID-19?


Please describe the resource and how it was used during COVID-19.


Does your organization (Enterprise or CTSI) have a review committee(s) to manage the process for prioritization of access to EHR data?


Did this committee exist pre-pandemic?

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