Impact of COVID-19 on Training and Career Development


To assess how TL1 Trainees, KL2 Scholars, and WFD groups are addressing barriers associated with the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Summary

Preliminary data was shared during the 2020 Spring Joint Meeting of KL2 Directors, TL1 Directors, and Workforce Development. All data were later analyzed in a systematic way and results were reported in a manuscript published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science.

McCormack, W. T., Bredella, M. A., Ingbar, D. H., Jackson, R. D., Meagher, E. A., Morris, C. D., Nagel, J. D., Pusek, S., Rubio, D. M., Sandberg, K., Schnaper, H. W., Tsevat, J., Umans, J. G., & McIntosh, S. (2020). Immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CTSA TL1 and KL2 training and career development. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 4(6), 556-561.

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Please describe the restrictions your institution implemented that impact training and career development activities.


As a result of Covid-19, have you discontinued any training and career development activities beyond official institutional restrictions?


Please describe any training and career development activities you have discontinued beyond official institutional restrictions.


Have you experienced new barriers to your research?


Please describe new barriers to research.


What tasks have you accomplished despite the stress of COVID-19?


What tasks have you not been able to accomplish because of the stress of COVID-19?


What strategies are you implementing to maintain your productivity?


Please provide any additional feedback.

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