2020 Spring CTSA Program Meeting Logistics Evaluation


To elicit participant feedback regarding the 2020 Spring CTSA Program Group Meetings.

Executive Summary

The 2020 Spring CTSA Program Group Meeting, which took place on April 14th and 15th, 2020 via ZOOM, included evaluations for the CTSA Program Hub Communicators, Common Metrics Initiative, Collaboration and Engagement, and Integration Across the Lifespan, meetings as well as the Joint Meeting of KL2 Directors, TL1 Directors and Workforce Development Enterprise Committee.

A total of 565 individuals attended at least one of the Program Group Meetings. Participants who registered before attending the meeting were emailed an individualized unique survey link to complete the 2020 Spring Program Group Meeting Logistics evaluation. Two follow-up reminder emails were sent to individuals who had not responded. Of the 565 participants, at least 48 individuals did not register beforehand and never received the survey link. A total of 161 responses were received from the 517 registered attendees, for a response rate of 31.1%. Registered attendees were asked questions about their overall experience attending the Program Group Meeting and to indicate which individual meetings they had attended. Respondents were then directed to a survey queue to complete evaluations for each individual meeting they attended.

Questions addressed meeting content, expectations, future steps, and satisfaction with the virtual platform. These responses will be used in planning subsequent meetings. The 2020 evaluation differs from previous versions because of the change in overall virtual format. This updated version includes new or expanded questions to assess the experience of attending the Spring Meeting via Zoom. A complete set of qualitative responses for the Spring CTSA Program Group Meetings is included in the appendix.

In general, both quantitative and qualitative responses were very positive, and indicated that the meeting met or exceeded the attendees’ expectations. Overall, attendees were pleased with presentations and content. While comments were gathered, it is important to note that these came from a very small fraction of attendees. Areas for improvement, taken from these comments, included the addition of engaging activities, more discussion on a specific topic, access to slides before presentations, and a more seamless registration process. Other suggestions that appeared with a lower frequency included holding the meeting during a time more conducive for West Coast hubs, and trying to avoid overlap between various meetings.

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