New LHS Publication: Clarifying the concept of a learning health system

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Learning Health Systems

We are thrilled to announce our recent publication in the journal Learning Health Systems! Congratulations to the pioneering authors behind this groundbreaking work! 

"Clarifying the concept of a learning health system for healthcare delivery organizations: Implications from a qualitative analysis of the scientific literature"


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Authors (L to R): Douglas Easterling, Anna C. Perry, Rachel Woodside, Tanha Patel, Sabina B. Gesell


From the abstract: The “learning health system” (LHS) concept has been defined in broad terms, which makes it challenging for health system leaders to determine exactly what is required to transform their organization into an LHS. This study provides a conceptual map of the LHS landscape by identifying the activities, principles, tools, and conditions that LHS researchers have associated with the concept. Through a multi-step screening process, two researchers identified 79 publications from PubMed (published before January 2020) that contained information relevant to the question, “What work is required of a healthcare organization that is operating as an LHS?”

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Funding information: National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Grant/Award Number: UL1TR001420

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