Georgia CTSA Integrating Special Populations Co-Director Receives UGA President’s Award for Improving Health Equity

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Photo credit: University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Congratulations to Henry N. Young, PhD, Georgia CTSA Integrating Special Populations (ISP) Co-Director and Head of the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy’s Clinical and Administrative Department. Dr. Young is a recipient of the prestigious UGA President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award that recognizes individuals who have worked to make Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality and justice a reality.

In addition to receiving an $866K award from the USDA to improve the management of chronic health conditions through telemedicine in underserved communities, Dr. Young’s important work includes leading the Georgia CTSA research initiative Fishers of Men. The Fishers of Men initiative addresses chronic disease prevention and management in a faith-based setting. This initiative was developed as an academic-community collaboration with Morehouse School of Medicine, UGA, and rural churches to engage rural black residents and assist potential study participants in overcoming barriers to participation in research, such as awareness and trust of research, the research team, and the healthcare system. The study aims to identify barriers, facilitators, and implementation strategies to carry out an evidenced-based, faith-based, chronic disease prevention and management intervention in rural African-American churches in Georgia. With the help of UGA’s Archway Partnership, Dr. Young established the group to serve as outreach ambassadors in a rural Georgia community to encourage other men to take ownership of their health and wellness.

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