The CTSA Program supports high quality translational and clinical research locally, regionally, and nationally. Surveys are one way to efficiently conduct research and collect pertinent information. The purpose of a survey may be to uncover answers, evoke discussion, discover resources, guide decision-making and/or to compare results.
In order to maintain the current level of high-quality research supported by the program, there’s a need for clear and controlled processes for survey deployment and archival. For CTSA Program members or hubs interested in creating and/or distributing a survey, please complete the CLIC Survey Logging/Request Form.

For any questions, please reach out to

For further guidance on creating and distributing surveys, please review the CTSA Program Process Guidance for Surveys document.

These surveys fall under the NCATS Policy for Surveys and the NCATS PO (Mercedes Rubio) has approved that these surveys answer "Yes" to the following two questions. Thus the program is conducting NIH research and will be considered exempt from the Paperwork Reduction Act approval requirements as outlined by the 21st Century Cures Act:

  1. Will the program analyze the project outcomes in a systematic way?
  2. Will the program publicize the results of your systematic analyses?

CLIC Survey Logging/Request Form