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Dr. Karen Stein has recently received funding from the Cabrini Foundation for a 12-month pilot type study. The project focuses on the Western New York farmworker population and development of a culturally relevant smart phone delivered health eating intervention geared for persons of varying levels of literacy. For that work, she is seeking a project coordinator at a 20% effort.
Summary of the health project coordinator activities: 1. Assisting with hiring process for the research assistant recruited from the farmworker community (posted position). 2. RA training and oversight – this will include oversite of CITI completion and training to recruit and informed consent process. Monitoring submission of hours, mileage, mandatories completion 3. Preparation and submission of IRB application, amendments, documentation of project systems for potential audits. 4. Setting up structure for data management, subject payments and overseeing data collection (focus group activities) including identifying and scheduling site for meeting, planning and implementing covid precautions for face-to-face focus group meetings. 5. Coordination and management of translation activities including consent, verbatims, questionnaires, focus group questions, audiotapes of focus groups and arranging simultaneous translations for community focus groups. 6. Recruiting, scheduling and leading 2 focus groups with advocates and health care providers working with the Mexican farmworker community. Arranging for transcriptions of audiotapes of these two groups 7. Scheduling consultant visit and final community presentation.

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