N3C Domain Teams and Leaders

N3C Domain Teams enable researchers with shared interests to analyze data within the N3C Data Enclave and collaborate more efficiently in a team science environment. Multi-discipline Clinical Domain Teams, developed within the Clinical Scenarios subgroup, are comprised of clinical and subject matter experts, statisticians, informaticists, and machine learning specialists who focus on clinical questions surrounding COVID-19's impact on health, whereas Cross-Cutting Domain Teams have a varied focus that applies to multiple domains. Domain Teams are enabled by Slack channels for discussion, meetings, and document management and are supported by N3C workstreams. These teams provide an opportunity to collect pilot data for grant submissions, train algorithms on larger datasets, and learn how to use tools for large scale COVID-19 data.

N3C encourages researchers of all levels to join a Domain Team that represents their interests, or to suggest new clinical areas to explore. A Domain Team can submit one or more research projects, but collaboration is encouraged for similar concepts.