Insights to Inspire 2022: In Our Own Words - Team Science

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Insights to Inspire 2022: In Our Own Words is a collection of Program Summaries from across the consortium for the Careers in Clinical & Translational Research (CCTR) metric. From 36 unique hubs come insights into how hubs are working to improve the experiences of their KL2 scholars and TL1 trainees.

Starting in December 2021 and extending through April 2022, In Our Own Words will feature one of the categories from the CCTR Common Metrics –Team Science, Mentorship, Grant Writing, Grant Success, Publications, and a host of other topics ranging from recruitment to the effects of COVID-19 on junior faculty.

Each of these documents includes the Program Summary as entered into CM-PRISM, as well as an introductory slide and contact information. We encourage you to reach out to these hubs to learn how their innovative approaches have impacted their institutions.

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Explore the power of interdisciplinary teams shared by your peers across the consortium - see how they have implemented team science by clicking on the logos/images below.

Harvard Medical School - TL1 Team Science
Harvard Medical School has developed a program that enhances interactions between their TL1 Ph.D. students and their MD-PhD students.
New York University School of Medicine - TL1 - Team Science
New York University School of Medicine has adopted a "flipped classroom" approach that emphasized active, experiential learning strategies.
UC San Diego
University of California, San Diego - KL2 - Team Science
The University of California - San Diego's transition to online courses created new opportunities in remote learning that will improve the accessibility of their program in the future.
University of Florida - TL1 Team Science
University of Florida implemented a training model in which pairs of students embed an authentic cross-disciplinary collaborative research experiences into their PhD dissertation research projects.
University of Kentucky - KL2 Team Science
The University of Kentucky created a customizable toolkit of practical teaming resources for scholars to develop their skills as leaders and members of high-functioning research teams.
Virginia Commonwealth University - KL2 Team Science
Virginia Commonwealth University created a scholar exchange program with Georgetown-Howard to provide opportunities for professional collaboration, networking and practice sharing.
Wake Forest
Wake Forest University - TL1 Team Science
The mission of a new Wake Forest School of Medicine grant is to provide postdoctoral scholars from diverse professional backgrounds with the methodological and professional skills to conduct research in the complex environment of health systems.
Washington U
Washington University - TL1 Team Science
Washington University has developed a new training program based on real-world research on leadership and team dynamics challenges that graduate students and postdocs regularly encounter in their scientific research environment.
Weill Cornell
Weill Medical College of Cornell University - KL2 Team Science
Weill Medical College of Cornell University initiated a new workshop to enhance their students' collaborative skillset.