Dipping Our Toes in Rising Waters: University of Rochester CTSI Joins Planetary Health Alliance

climate change activists holding signs

Through decades of research, it has become clear that humans are impacting the global climate – and those changes impact human health in turn. Last week the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute (UR CTSI) expanded the scope of its mission by joining the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA), a global consortium committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.

“The UR CTSI has always been devoted to improving the health of individuals and populations,” said UR CTSI Co-Director Martin Zand, M.D., Ph.D., “and we are excited to make this foray into the new area of planetary health – to explore the relationship between people, health, and the natural world."

The PHA strives to create a world where all people thrive by protecting and regenerating Earth’s natural systems. Through its vast network of over 260 member institutions from over 40 countries, the alliance aims to fundamentally shift how humans interact with each other and nature, by sharing evidence-based information and training the next generation of planetary health practitioners.

Publishing CTSA Program Hub’s Name
CTSA Program In Action Goals
Goal 1: Train and Cultivate the Translational Science Workforce
Goal 2: Engage Patients and Communities in Every Phase of the Translational Process