SC JCTS Special Edition Writing Teams

The goal of the JCTS COVID-19 Special Issue is to create a “playbook” to be able to quickly respond to similar experiences in the future. Writing teams have been gathered to fulfill the purpose of preparing draft manuscripts. There are 15 writing teams addressing a variety of COVID related topics, as such, to provide uniformity across all these topics, we request each manuscript to address the following:

  • Overview of current practices of your topic area prior to COVID-19
  • How practices were altered/redefined/modified streamlined to address the challenges and exigencies of the COVID-19 pandemics
  • What were the key lessons that were learned
  • Which, if any, extraordinary practices developed as a response to COVID-19 should now become standard, and which, if any raised sufficient concerns that they should not be continued or perhaps even considered in the future in the face of a similar public health challenge
  • If a similar public health challenge occurred in the future, what would be the sequence of actions you would take in response
Please share information for the writing teams or let us know If you are interested in participating in a writing team.
About CTSA Program Groups

A variety of CTSA Program Groups were established to execute the recommendations of the NCATS Advisory Council Working Group on the IOM Report on the CTSA Program.


Working Group Applications

Interested parties are required to propose and deliver well-defined projects or deliverables that fill identified translational gaps and/or further the CTSA Program objectives in high priority areas in clinical and translational science. Based upon availability, there will be three (3) application submission rounds annually.


CTSA Program Groups Calendar

A calendar is available with all CTSA Program Group meeting information