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From the CLIC Homepage, new users can select "Log in" on the top right of the page. Users have the option of using their institutional login (recommended), LinkedIn, or Google. After this, selecting "My Account" in the top right of the page provides users with the opportunity to edit their profile to complete the account creation process. To edit your account, select the "Edit" tab. Fill in any required information as well as any additional information you would like to share. Press "Save" when you have completed the process.


Creating an account on CLIC provides users with the ability to:

Value to Hubs

CTSA Program Hubs with engaged users have more opportunities for collaboration and communication with the nationwide translational science community. Program Hubs have the ability to identify voting members, but only if the member has created an account.

Additional Resources

Check out the New Member Guide and CLIC FAQs pages for more information.

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