KL2 Scholars

KL2 scholars are given support through an NCATS funded grant to support mentored research career development for clinical investigators who have recently completed professional training and who are commencing basic, translational and/or clinical research. The CTSA Program hub selects KL2 candidates, providing them with a rich career development experience in a multidisciplinary setting. For more information, visit NCATS’ website at https://ncats.nih.gov/ctsa/about/training/programs.

Who Can Join

This Career Development Community is open to all KL2 scholars, KL2 Program PIs/Directors, and everyone else involved or interested in KL2 Scholar career development.

Message Boards

The message board is a space for trainees across the consortium to connect, share ideas, resources, and network. Trainees can create topic threads for others to interact with and also reply to their peers’ threads. By joining the community, you can receive email notifications whenever a new thread is created to help you stay up to date on message board activity.

Community Content

The CLIC website houses a variety of educational resources and events. Within your community you will be able to see a feed of the resources and events related to your training program to stay up to date on all the activities going on across the consortium.

Community Member Directory

Contact information for all members of the TL1 Focus Area will be available for all official community members (ie. those that have signed up for a CLIC website account). This information can be used to connect with other trainees and further your Career Development conversations outside the community platform.

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