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Consortium News

A research project that received critical early funding from Duke CTSI is now ready to enter the $1.1 billion hernia market.

The Duke CTSA KL2 program was recently identified as one of the top program hubs by the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC). The Duke KL2 program was a top performer in the KL2 education program – Underrepresented measure. The CLIC evaluates programs using a Common Metrics Initiative. In alignment with the CLIC’s current goals, the Duke KL2 program set a goal to increase the

Educational Content

Duke University

Learn how to build reports and view/export your project data/results in just a few steps!! You can also use the interactive Data Import tool is used to upload data from a comma-delimited (CSV) file, into your REDCap project. Instead of entering records one by one, you can use the import tool to upload multiple records at once.

Duke University

Learn what it takes to make your surveys as efficient as possible. Customize survey settings, manage survey participants, and stay up-to-date on survey progress and results

Duke University

This module describes the study-level documentation expected at Duke. It describes the regulatory binder, documents required for all studies, documents required for most studies, and documents that are required depending on the type of study. It discusses standard operating procedures. This module provides guidance for creating the binder or file, maintaining central files, and what should not be

information about event
Virginia Commonwealth University
Join two CTSA Program hubs and two NCI-designated cancer centers for a community and academic dialogue of trust and trustworthiness in research. Co-hosted by the VCU Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research, the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute, the VCU Massey Cancer Center and the Duke Cancer Institute. Keynote speaker: Rueben Warren, Ph.D., Tuskegee University
Duke University

KL2 awardees from Clinical and Translational Science Centers (CTSA) present virtual lectures as part of the CTSA Visiting Scholar Program. Duke University will host Ankit Shah, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Rutgers University. Dr. Shah will present "Glycerol as a Direct and Indirect Contributor to Glucose Production." Despite current

Duke University

KL2 awardees from Clinical and Translational Science Centers (CTSA) present virtual lectures as part of the CTSA Visiting Scholar Program. Duke University will host Rochelle Maxwell, MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellow from Rockefeller University. Dr. Maxwell will present "Fanconi Anemia: Diverse Approaches to the Study of a Multi-Faceted Disease." Dr. Maxwell's presentation will describe

Poster Sessions

Harnessing the power of data science
Duke University

The modern era of health analytics is built on data science. Data science merges computer science with statistics, creating new potential for extracting clinical insight from the exponentially increasing “big” data relevant to our patients’ health. Realizing this potential requires new capabilities and innovative technologies. For effective implementation in a healthcare setting, an Accelerator is


Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Mortality and Allocate Palliative Care for Older Patients With Hip Fracture

To evaluate a machine learning model designed to predict mortality for Medicare beneficiaries aged >65 years treated for hip fracture in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs). Retrospective design/cohort analysis of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Neurodevelopmental outcomes following neonatal late-onset sepsis and blood culture-negative conditions

Determine risk of death or neurodevelopmental impairment (NDI) in infants with late-onset sepsis (LOS) versus late-onset, antibiotic-treated, blood culture-negative conditions (LOCNC). Retrospective cohort study. 24 neonatal centres. Infants born 1/1/2006-31/12/2014, at 22-26 weeks gestation, with

Risk factors for mortality in lung transplant recipients aged ≥65 years: A retrospective cohort study of 5,815 patients in the scientific registry of transplant recipients

Lung transplantation is increasingly performed in recipients aged ≥65 years. However, the risk factors for mortality specific to this population have not been well studied. In lung transplant recipients aged ≥65 years, we sought to determine post-transplant survival and clinical factors associated

Funding opportunity 2020

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a research team at George Washington (GW), Yale, and Duke Universities $7.8 million to establish a rare disease network for Myasthenia Gravis.

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Celebrating Henrietta Lacks: Building Trust – The Path Forward July 21, 2021 Event
CTSA Visiting Scholar Program March 09, 2021 Event
CTSA Visiting Scholar Program March 04, 2021 Event
REDCap: Exporting/Importing and Reports January 10, 2021 Educational Content
REDCap: Learning To Manage Surveys January 10, 2021 Educational Content
Preparing the Study Specific Documentation January 10, 2021 Educational Content
IND and IDE Sponsor and Investigator Training January 10, 2021 Educational Content
The Myasthenia Gravis Rare Disease Network, MGNet (U54 NS115054), announces its request for applications to two of its programs August 19, 2020 RFA
Duke startup gets FDA clearance after CTSI support August 18, 2020 Consortium News
Duke CTSA KL2 Program Named a Top-Performing Hub July 08, 2020 Consortium News
Research Resilience in the Age of COVID-19: Insights from Sponsors and Investigators June 29, 2020 Event
A Multicenter, Adaptive, Randomized Blinded Controlled Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of Investigational Therapeutics for the Treatment of COVID-19 in Hospitalized Adults April 20, 2020 Covid Study
Identifying Best Practices for Conducting Clinical Trials with the New FDA Guidance During the COVID-19 Pandemic March 30, 2020 Event
Regulatory Guidance for Academic Research of Drugs and Devices (ReGARDD) February 27, 2020 Educational Content
The foundation of the Duke Learning Health System- Harnessing the power of data science using re-usable tools & technology August 23, 2019 Poster
11th Annual Science of Team Science Conference Virtual Meeting June 11, 2019 Event
IND and IDE Sponsor and Investigator Training April 10, 2019 Educational Content
PCATS (Presenting Clinical and Translational Science) Video Series February 18, 2019 Educational Content
Regulatory Affairs Training Program February 18, 2019 Educational Content
DUKE UNIVERSITY February 05, 2019 CTSA Program Hub