Well-Being Integration Working Group


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CLIC Coordinator

The goal of this working group is to create and disseminate online curricula and resources on well-being, emotional and physical health, and stress management with the goal of improving the resilience and well-being of our trainees and the larger clinical translational research community. The work of this group, though instigated by the pressing needs presented by COVID-19, is intended to serve the needs of the trainee and larger CTSA community beyond the pandemic through the presentation of well-being as an integral part of sustainable career development.

Developing a Well-being Integration Curriculum for use across the consortium, providing implementation strategies for incorporating well-being into career development planning, clinical and research training programs, and professional practice across the
Identifying and compiling existing evidence-based well-being practices and resources relevant for our CTSA programs and scholar-trainee audience.
Delineating evidenced-based best practices and curricular approaches to foster resilience and advance change management skills.
Incorporate accessible well-being scales (e.g. Kristin Neff's Self-Compassion Scale) to the resource bank, offering a dynamic representation of current well-being and a tool to assess well-being before and after a well-being intervention.
Connecting and supporting a diverse community of experts and practitioners, sharing their expertise, with the goal of incorporating well-being into the lives of clinicians, researchers, trainees, faculty, students, staff and eventually the larger CTSA pro


Second Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm ET

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