EDW4R Operations Working Group Phase 3


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Schwan, MS
CLIC Coordinator

Communicating and continuing to refine best practices to support clinical and translational researchers with electronic patient data, especially using data from electronic health record systems that CTSA hubs typically store in data warehouses/lakes.

Goal 1: Continuing research on EDW4R: Building on the success of phases 1 and 2 of the WG in which we interviewed EDW4R leaders, we propose continuing to create best practice guidance materials and to explore these new questions we have: 1. How have EDW4R
Goal 2: Deploying the EDW4R Maturity index: In phase 1 and 2 we designed and piloted the EDW4R maturity index. In Phase 3, we propose working with evaluation staff to finalize the maturity index and deliver this index consortium-wide. Identifying a home
Goal 3: Create an EDW4R operational guidebook: Using the corpus of information we have collected from this working group as well as emerging information from the special focus issue of JAMIA; we propose creating a set of guides for any health science orga


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  • Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

    Enterprise data warehouses for research (EDW4R) is a critical component of National Institutes of Health Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) hubs. EDW4R operations have unique needs that require specialized skills and collaborations across multiple domains which limit the ability to apply existing models of information technology (IT) performance.