Collaboration & Engagement Enterprise Committee


Per the Guidance for CTSA Program Groups document, all hubs are allowed one voting member on each Enterprise Committee (EC). All EC Full Membership calls are open and anyone within the consortium can attend.

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Schwan, MS
CLIC Coordinator
Goal: Focuses on engaging stakeholder communities and enabling team science

This Enterprise Committee focuses on: 

  • Engaging stakeholders and stakeholder communities so they contribute meaningfully across the translational sciences spectrum.

  • Leveraging the available body of information describing the Social Determinants of Health to improve the health of rural communities, address Health Disparities, and ultimately promote Health Equity for all.

  • Promoting team science to become a major academic model that embraces or reflects the perspectives of community members as equal contributing partners in all clinical, translational, and related scientific endeavors.

  • Enhancing the availability of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) methods and tools, and promoting coordination of D&I efforts across the CTSA Consortium.