CLIC Education & Career Development Gateway

CLIC Education and Career Development Gateway

Have an educational resource to share with the translational science research community?

After logging in to the CLIC website, the “Share Content” button will be available at the top right of the page. There, you will find the Educational Content submission form. Questions? Email us at

Looking for the Core Competencies for Clinical and Translational Research?

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CLIC Education and Career Development Virtual Tour

The CLIC Virtual Tour is designed to give everyone involved with the CTSA Program, regardless of in what capacity, an overview of what CLIC provides and how to make it work for you. Check it out: HERE!

COVID-19 Resources for Trainees and Researchers

SHARE Education and Career Development Resources - Please share any content that would benefit CTSA Program trainees and scholars during the COVID-19 outbreak. After logging in, click Share Content (video tutorial) in the top right of the page. Be sure to include the COVID-19 tag with your resource.
SEARCH for Education Content - The Education Clearinghouse is a centralized space where the CTSA community can find and share a variety of education and workforce development resources for a broad range of audiences.

DISCUSS Needs and Collaborate - Join CTSA Discussion Forums.

Looking for other COVID-19 related updates and content? Check out the Coronavirus Disease 2019 landing page.

CLIC Education Mission

The CLIC Research Education Team mission is to empower and support a CTSA cooperative learning and training community that is inclusive and collaborative, facilitating and amplifying opportunities for the sharing of learning resources consortium-wide.  We accomplish this through ongoing direct engagement with CTSA Program hubs, enterprise committees, working groups and individuals.

CLIC Education Clearinghouse

The CLIC Education Clearinghouse is a centralized space where the CTSA community can find and share a variety of education and translational workforce development resources from the CTSA consortium, searchable by learning domains, tags (keywords), target learners, and more. Each entry presents a detailed profile of the resource so that users can efficiently choose a resource that's right for them. 

CLIC Opportunities Board

The CLIC Opportunities Board is the go-to resource for members of the translational science community, both within the CTSA Program network and beyond, looking to find (and post!) jobs, training opportunities, internships, and sabbaticals relevant to the world of translational science.

Education & Career Development Discussion Forum

The Education and Career Development Discussion Forum is a space to discuss and share learning and training resources, discuss career development opportunities and pathways, and request assistance from experts and colleagues from around the CTSA Program. The goal of this group is to create an inclusive and collaborative CTSA education community that helps to facilitate and amplify opportunities for the sharing of learning and career development resources. All CTSA Discussion Forums, including the Education and Career Development Discussion Forum, can be accessed through the Discussion Forum Page.

CLIC Education and Training Navigator

Request specialized help or guidance from the CLIC Education team to identify education and training resources, develop program activities, or locate potential opportunities for education and training synergies with other CTSA hubs.

Education Team
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Education Engagement Specialist
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Education Specialist
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Director of Research Education
Education Clearinghouse
Education Clearinghouse
Opportunities Board
Opportunities Board
Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum

Education & Training Navigator

Does your CTSA Program hub need help finding resources or have a question about the educational landscape of translational science? Fill out the form below and the CLIC Education Team will help you locate materials and/or connect you with experts from around the CTSA consortium.

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