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The CLIC Education Clearinghouse is a centralized space where the CTSA community can find and share a variety of education and workforce development resources for a broad range of audiences, from the general public to Principal Investigators. Users can select and filter through a number of different areas: learning domains, tags (keywords), target learners, and more. Each entry presents a detailed profile of the resource so that users can efficiently choose a resource that’s right for them. These detailed profiles provide links (and access instructions, if needed) to the resources on the hub or external institution that is hosting the content.

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Educational Content
Association for Clinical and Translational Science
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Organization (Dynamic)
Educational Content
University Of Pennsylvania Logo
Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists
University Of Pennsylvania
Resource Kit
Wellness Resource Kit: Build your resilience and coping skills
Resource Kit
Wellness Resource Kit: Keep growing professionally
Resource Kit
Wellness Resource Kit: Stay active
Resource Kit
Wellness Resource Kit: Stay connected
Resource Kit
Wellness Resource Kit: Take care of your needs and aspirations
Resource Kit
Research Mentoring Resources for Mentors and Mentees
Resource Kit
Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility
Educational Content
Let’s Talk About Clinical Research
Georgetown University
Howard University
Educational Content
Building a Successful C/T Research Career
Harvard Medical School
Educational Content
cover page from journal study
A personalized Institutional Review Board Liaison Service: Study
Educational Content
Racial Equity in Research Engagement: Resource Catalog
Northwestern University At Chicago
Educational Content
Drs. Libby and Bebarta
Researcher Management and Leadership Training
University Of Colorado Denver
Educational Content
image of puzzle with DNA strand
Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Research
Virginia Commonwealth University