Median Accrual Ratio Metric


The purpose of this metric is to estimate the current accrual ratio for clinical trials in order to enhance our ability to develop performance interventions that increase actual participant accrual into clinical trials within the planned time period.


Currently, hub’s efforts are being diverted to focus on the COVID-19 response.  Many institutions have paused some research activities including recruitment. This will  skew accrual data and not provide us the opportunity to fully understand the capacity and resources required to collect data.

For these reasons, it has been decided to postpone work on the MAR expanded pilot until early 2021. We recognize the value and the importance of this metric.  This delay will allow for the collection of a more complete data set and increase the likelihood for a successful expanded pilot outcome. 

The Median Accrual Ratio Hub Participation Survey Report is available here (a CLIC account is required to view this document).

Operational Guideline