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The Common Metrics Initiative leverages the harmonized vision by cultivating a sense of community through collaborative calls and meetings, as well as team-focused technical support for the advancement of the CTSA Program
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The goal is to use specific, common metrics to demonstrate and improve the impact of the CTSA Program. The CMI uses this set of metrics to help focus consortium and hub activities on making significant, measurable improvements in translational science and research, and workforce development.

Common Metrics Reporting

CLIC provides CTSA Program hubs with the resources needed to report their annual Common Metrics data. Learn more about the CMI Data Governance.

Insights to Inspire

CLIC launched this program to disseminate actionable intelligence across the consortium to share lessons learned, foster innovation, and to encourage collaboration across the hubs. Key actionable strategies may be identified by hubs for implementation to improve specific areas of their programs.

Evaluator’s Group

This group meets every other month to provide ongoing support for evaluators across the consortium with a focus on cutting edge evaluation methods, evaluation expertise, and exploring cross-hub collaborations on topics relevant to translational science evaluation.

Latest Announcements

During this series, five hubs share their stories of how they have improved their Informatics data by using mutual interconnections. Each blog will be followed by a webinar, so stay tuned to this website. Read the blog from Rutgers on Data Completeness.


The CMI webpage is open to all funded CTSA Program hubs

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