Team Science & Collaboration

Team Science

Collaboration in science is complex, team science holds great promise for accelerating scientific progress, but to do so requires evidence-based strategies as well as strategic changes across the scientific enterprise to fully attain its full potential. These pages provide some ways to advance collaborations and team science among members CTSA Program community and their connections.

*(Börner et al., 2010; Fiore, 2008; Stokols, Misra, Moser, Hall, & Taylor, 2008)

Synergy Papers

The goal of Synergy Papers is to advance the field of translational science and to cultivate collaboration between CTSA Program hubs, while providing coauthors with the support to meet their academic goals of producing high quality scientific publications.


The Un-Meeting is an interactive way to cultivate ideas that the CTSA Program can use to make productive connections across academic centers and between academia, industry, government, and the community with the goal of developing multidisciplinary and collaborative partnerships.

Latest Announcements

Apply for support to write a Synergy Paper. Synergy Paper teams receive one year of project management support, meetings, note-taking, as well as funds toward copy editing and publishing costs. The next deadline is April 16, 2021. Learn more