Using Tags


Selecting a tag will take you to a page with all content associated with that tag. Find all events, news, opportunities, educational content, surveys and groups that use that tag. Also, any users with that tag associated will be listed in the right column. You can also search for a tag in the site search bar in the navigation menu on the left hand side.

When viewing content with tags, you can easily find other content with shared tags in the "Recent Related Content" list in the right column.

To add tags, look for the Tags field on your Account page or on the Share Content page. Add one tag per line. As you type, you will see tags that match. You can use an existing tag, or create a new tag.


Tags are typically one word (but sometimes up to three words) that describes information on a document, or web page. Tags provide details about an item and make it easy to locate related items that have the same tag. Tags on the CLIC site do not use the hashtag symbol (#) and have a purple background with white text.

Value to Hubs

Tags can help a hub's submitted content stand out and be found more easily. Tags can also help you find users with similar interests or potential new collaborators.

Additional Information

For information on how to add tags, please check out the "Sharing your content" training.

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