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CLIC Provides

CTSA Program Groups

Established to execute the recommendations of the NCATS Advisory Council Working Group, focusing on both the short and long-term with the goal to enable translational science and provide patients with access to treatment more quickly. The Groups provide a structure that fosters communication and collaboration at all levels where measurable objectives of the strategic goals of the CTSA Program can be undertaken involving an Inclusive process where all CTSA Program hubs can participate and have access.

Team Science & Collaboration

We are looking for new and supporting current programs across this continuum to enhance the vitality of the CTSA Program. Our novel initiatives include supporting cross-network translational research “synergy papers” where we solicit, coordinate, and provide support for cross-network teams to develop manuscripts that address topics of high relevance to translational science. Our synergy paper initiative is coupled to our Un-Meeting program where we both host and sponsor this innovative meeting whose goal is to develop “water cooler” conversations to actionable ideas.

Common Metrics Initiative

The Common Metrics Initiative leverages the harmonized vision by cultivating a sense of community through collaborative calls and meetings, as well as team-focused technical support for the advancement of the CTSA Program


The Communications Team facilitates the collaboration of hub communicators and promotes awareness of the CTSA program as a whole by providing resources to help communicators effectively communicate about CTSA program initiatives and translational science.

Education & Career Development Gateway

The CLIC Research Education Team mission is to empower and support a CTSA cooperative learning and training community that is inclusive and collaborative, facilitating and amplifying opportunities for the sharing of learning resources consortium-wide. We accomplish this through ongoing direct engagement with CTSA Program hubs, enterprise committees, working groups and individuals.

CLIC Surveys

The Survey Team leverages the harmonized vision by supporting dynamic ecosystems and a connected collaborative consortium through survey development and implementation support services, participation in collaborative calls and meetings, and via team-focused technical support for survey and evaluation initiatives in service of the advancement of the CTSA Program.